Thursday, July 29, 2010

A recipe and a giveaway!

Remember that post from oh…forever and a day ago where I talked about doing a giveaway? Well this is it!

I hope you’re wearing your party hat, because not only is this a giveaway, it’s my VERY FIRST giveaway ever. Ever.

The people at CSN Stores were kind enough to give me a promotional code and this is what I chose from


Aren’t they lovely and that color is definitely my color. The bigger dish is 9” square and the smaller on is 5” square. Sigh Le Creuset

Since I live by myself, the 5” dish was perfect for making a meal for one.

Asparagus Chicken Bake:

*Preheat oven to 375

1 chicken breast (I had chicken tenders, I used 2)
¼ cup chicken broth
1 cup chopped asparagus
Minced onion (I had some dried minced onion and just sprinkled some on until I thought it  was good for me)
Garlic (yes please!) (again, it calls for 1 clove minced. Being the garlic lover that I am I have a Costco size jar of minced garlic in my fridge…I used about a tsp, but really can you have too much garlic?)
Small handful of croutons


I crushed the croutons up and then mixed it with the minced garlic and onion. Place the chicken and asparagus in the baking dish, pour in the chicken broth, and top with the crouton/garlic/onion mix. Put in the oven and back for 30 minutes.

It was super yummy. In fact I liked it so much I made the next day for dinner too :)  I am in love with my new baking dishes!


Now for the giveaway…CSN would like to offer one of my readers their very own $30 promotional code to any of their sites.,, and are just a few of many. The code is only good once and cannot be split between orders. It also does not cover any shipping costs.

To Enter:

Simply leave a comment. Yep, really, that’s it. One entry per person. The giveaway will end Wednesday August 4th at 11:59pm.  And it is open to all US and Canadian readers. The winner will be chosen using

Good luck!

***CSN Stores offered me the promotional codes in exchange for a review of their product***

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The month in review

Well looky here…I am actually posting!  Have you missed me?  Where you wondering what had become of me?  No, let’s just pretend that you have. Mkay.

My last post was one month ago to the day.  Geez, and I call myself a blogger.  Well, I am a blogger but I guess I have a “real” life too, who knew.  I promise the contest I mentioned will be happening.  I just got sidetracked with life and haven’t been able to get to it just yet.  Stay tuned!

What has happened since my last post:

*I turned 29! Woo hoo. So far so good.  I kind of like 29.

*I celebrated the 4th of July.  My neighborhood had a block party and where my friend Jen lives is an excellent spot to park my camping chair and have front row seats for the fireworks.

*I worked and worked and worked…meh

*I found out my job rotation is going to end early and I will be returning to my regularly scheduled programming effective July 26th.  I was more annoyed with how the news was delivered than anything else.  And the confirmation that politics are alive and well.

*I completed my second knitting project, a grocery bag

bag 1 

Are you impressed? ‘Cause I am!  And I swear I did all the work myself. Don’t listen to anything Jackie says. He’s trying to take all the credit.

knitting exhausted jackie

*I took a staycation and spent a fabulous week at home not doing anything.  Just snuggling my dog. Watching the World Cup and le Tour de France.  It was great.  And BIG BROTHER started!!!!!!!  Yes, I watch Big Brother and I love every insane minute of it.

*I booked my first visit to Vegas! I am going in August and I am so excited.  But I do realize that it will hotter than…well you get the idea. I am still so excited.  I will be there from the 13th through the 16th. If you are there and want to meet up for drinks…

*I have been working for my Relay For Life team, trying to get ready for our Relay which, is August 6th and 7th.  Figuring out the details and having a garage sale and other fundraising activities.

*An amazing woman lost her fight with cancer after a long and brutal battle.  I am lucky to have gotten the chance to call her friend.  And it has just reinforced my passion for Relay.  I know there will be a post dedicated to her really soon, probably after her service that is this weekend.  I miss you Carole.

If you can, please donate to my Relay for Life team because every breath someone takes after hearing “You have cancer” is a breath they take as a survivor.

How have you been?  What have you been up to?

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