Friday, April 30, 2010

I may have been absent from here, but I was still busy!

It’s been awhile since I last blogged. I just haven’t had the inspiration. I can’t form the words to tell a story. Or my stories aren’t very fascinating or interesting to me so why would they be interesting to you.

Since the last time I posted:

• My brother got married
• I have been traveling up a storm with work
• I had a paver patio put in, in my backyard
• I planted 3 trees in my backyard, each one requiring a ginormous hole…have I mentioned the “dirt” in my backyard is actually clay after the first 18 inches?!
• I became addicted to Dexter, I have watched all 3 seasons on DVD and I really think season 4 needs to get over already and released on DVD.
• I am in the process of knitting a grocery bag, it’s challenging but actually looking like a bag and not a knotted mess. (P.S. I am in a knitting group and this only my second project EVER, the first was a scarf)
• My car and I were in a minor collision with some tire debris kicked up by a semi while driving home from work one day on the interstate going 70+ mph. I am fine; the car was a little banged up.
• My car is now fixed
• The chunk of my front spoiler that was ripped off in the above mentioned collision can still be seen on the side of road.

That is my last month in a nutshell.

I have been keeping up with all of you lovelies though. Never fear, I continue to stalk your pages and even occasionally leave a comment or two.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What’s in the purse

Several of you have done the “what’s in your purse” posts and today I decided to jump on that boat!  Besides, I just got a new purse so overall my purse is pretty clean and I am not embarrassed by what may be inside.

My brother is getting married this weekend and I needed a dress for the event.  Jen and I headed to the outlet mall. I found a dress I really like and discovered that there is a Coach store! Sigh, I love me some Coach.  Along with my new dress I now have a new purse and wallet:

New purse

But I know you are all here to really see what is inside the purse and not the purse itself…but you must admit, that is one beautiful bag.

Blog Purse

1. Stamps, yeah, I carry stamps in my purse. I am the person when you ask, “Does anyone have a stamp?” who responds, “Yes.” and then gives you one and doesn’t even expect you to pay for it.  Also there is my bluetooth (I hate that thing, but I commute everyday around 80 miles each way and driving and talking on the phone is a no-no). Lastly is a nail file, hang nails are a bitch!

2. My new beautiful wallet, nuf said.

3. My work ID badges and if you look closely you can also see the pair of earrings that I discovered in the bottom of my purse.

4. The love of my life…also known as my blackberry.

5. Gum, essential.  And several pens and a sticky note pad sometimes you just need to leave a quick love note.

6. My Starbucks gift card and my punch card for Dutch Bros, another coffee place – drink coffee much? Check! The other card is the business card for my landscaper guy who is starting next week.

7. Inhaler, vital if I want to keep breathing; eye drops and no I am not a stoner, I have issues with my tear ducts and sometimes my eyes dry out; lip gloss and hand lotion, it’s important to keep the lips and hands soft and smooth and kissable ;)

8. Keys, several pairs. One set is to my house and my parents house and the second set are my work keys.

9. And lastly…my passport! You never know when you might need to make a quick get away. It is important to always be prepared, just in case.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

There are so many things I want to blog about and I have started several different posts over the weeks.  I have even written whole posts in my head but then I get a minute to myself in front of the computer and all I want to do is check Facebook (aka feed my addiction) and then go to bed.

As you may know, I started a new job at the beginning of March.  It involves a long commute when I am “in the office” and then there is also quite a bit of traveling, overnight traveling around the state.  Last week I was in Portland M-Th and then Friday I was briefly in the office for two hours where I gathered all the material I would need for this coming week’s training.

I am loving the job! But adjusting is taking some time.  And it is always hard when you aren’t sleeping in your own bed.  My Jackie is staying with Mike while I am out of town and Jen is feeding the Maggie.  Impersonal hotel rooms just don’t offer the comfort the my creatures do when they are snuggled up next to me.

This week, Mon and Tues I am Co-Training my very first training.  I am no longer just observing.  I am nervous but excited.  Wish me luck.  I have been teaching small sections to get practice speaking in front of people.  The first time I was given a larger portion I felt really good about it.  The trainees were all responsive and gave good feedback. I was feeling good…then it was break time and I went to the bathroom and realized my zipper had been down the entire time! Awesome.

Oh well at least I got it out of the way early on, right?

The weather has been crazy and unpredictable.  It will be sunny and blue skies one minute and the next it is torrential downpours.  You know the rain is bad when drivers is Oregon are driving super slow.  And of course it only decides to open up and dump all the rain on me when I am transferring my suitcase from my car into the State Car or trying check into the hotel.  It also makes driving a little more treacherous.  Stupid rain!

The rain and sun mixture has also caused the weeds in my backyard aka the jungle, go completely insane!  The grass is taller than my dog, I can’t even see him when he is running around out there.  So, today I decided to tackle the yard (well and the landscaper guy is coming in the morning and I don’t want him to see the craziness that is my backyard!)  Mike came over and helped me weed whack the shit out of the jungle.  It actually looks pretty normal and scary overgrown.

I am really going to try and get back into my blogging groove! And just because I may not be posting much I am still out here and keeping up with all of your blogs.  You’re my blog buddies and I heart you lots and lots!

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