Monday, January 12, 2009

TV really is the Devil Box

I think I watch too much TV. I made a list the other day of all the shows I watch. A freaking list. Once I started putting all the shows down I was a little concerned by how long it was. I also think it is a bad sign when I know what day it is based on what is on TV. I had to get a DVR since I am not physically capable of watching all the shows when they are one. Several overlap. Below is the list of my TV shows I enjoy watching:

Desperate Housewives 9pm

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 8pm
House 9pm
Heroes 9pm (returns 2/2)
Medium 10pm (returns 2/2...I have been waiting for this!)

Biggest Loser 8pm (2 hrs)
American Idol
*House used to be on Tuesdays but has moved to Mondays

American Idol 8pm
Criminal Minds 9pm
Life 9pm (returns 2/4)
Life on Mars 9pm (returns 1/28)

Ugly Betty 8pm
Grey's Anatomy 9pm
CSI 9pm
Private Practice 10pm

Fridays and Saturdays are "free days". No regularly scheduled programs. But Mike and I have started watching the Sopranos on DVD, we are already almost done with season 2 and only started watching two weeks ago. And I also have to catch up any shows I taped during the week.

Other shows that I enjoy watching but are not currently on are Big Brother and Tru Blood. Also when I get a chance I enjoy watching NCIS and Bones and most programs on Animal Plant. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy are two other favorites that are on every week night.

I really do watch a lot of TV, but I enjoy it so. I also manage to find time to ready books, go to movies, sleep, and work 40hrs a week.

I have set up the treadmill in the spare room and my plan is walk on the treadmill while watching the Biggest Loser, instead of eating, which is what I have done in years past. I am also thinking of walking for one hour a night while watching one of my shows. I just don't enjoy working out but if I tell myself I can only watch show A if I am walking on the treadmill then I can kill two birds with one stone.

Last week I weighed in after 3 weeks of not going to meetings due to weather or holidays. Three long weeks of not tracking anything, eating what I wanted, but not going insane. AND I only gained .2. I was so excited. this week I have been diligent in my tracking. I am making a serious effort to track all my points and not lie to myself. I am really hoping that is pays off on the scale.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

WoW Update

We did end up going to a movie and dinner. But we put off leaving for so long because he kept waiting to see if they were going to raid or not. I didn't buy tickets online because at that point I wasn't sure what time we would make it to the movie.

By the time we left we had decided on seeing the 7:35pm movie and it was currently 6:10pm. I had mentioned maybe going to Red Robin for dinner before the movie (earlier in the evening). When we pulled into the Red Robin parking lot it was full and people were waiting outside, there was no way we would make it in and out in time to make it to our movie.

Then Mike decides we should go to Mucho Gusto. I like Mucho Gusto but I was hoping for a fun date night with my boyfriend. We rushed through our meal there so we could race over to Valley River to try and make our movie.

The line for the movies is so long it makes it all the way to the door then wraps around, even the ticket kiosk has a huge line.

So this nice relaxing fun date night has turned into this rushed disappointment. Fortunately the movie was great and we did make it in time.

I am still pissed about the WoW thing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

WoW can kiss my ass!

So, my boyfriend plays WoW aka World of Warcraft. He plays it a lot. I normally don't really care. He is good about if we have something to do about getting off the computer. He is also responsive and still engages with me while he is playing. Sometimes I even find his game interesting. I can totally see the appeal.

But yesterday I realized that he plays WoW more than he is at work. He has a full time job but in his defense (feeble though it is) he isn't necessarily at work 40 hrs a week, he is at work more like 30 hrs a week. But still plays WoW more.

I have also realized that if I give him enough warning about plans etc he is really good about not being on the computer.

He even called me this morning and told me that he wants to take me to the coast for Valentine's Day. REALLY?! It is so out of character for him. Usually I have to tell Mike specifically what gift I want for a holiday. He has never bought me flowers even though I have told him I like them (he has picked several roses from his yard and put them in a jar on the counter for me when I get home from work). He just isn't romantic like that and that's okay, I love him anyway.

Earlier this week I asked him if would go on a date with me tonight, Friday. We would go to dinner and a movie. It would be fun, we haven't really gone on a date in awhile and I thought it would be fun. Mike was all for it. The plan was to go to dinner (who knows where) and then go see Gran Torino.

Well, this evening he comes home from work and asks if I would okay going to a later movie. Sure. I look up movie times and he asks if I am going to buy the tickets online and was I paying for the movie or was he. Rewind to this morning as he was leaving for work:

Erica: Do you want to go to dinner before the movie tonight?

Mike: Maybe.

Erica: If you do, I can buy dinner and you can get the movie.

Mike: Okay. Love you, see you when I get home.

Um, hello? Are we going to dinner? Then he tells me that he was interested in going to a later movie and eating at home because his guild is thinking of completing the raid they started last night. WHAT?! Seriously?!

I know he just joined a new guild and wants to make a good impression so that in the future he will be invited on raids etc etc. But really? We had plans.

He is trying to get out of it and convince them to finish the raid tomorrow. But my feelings are still hurt. He hasn't blown me off before because of WoW. And I know he is only doing it because he is in the new guild, still pisses me off though.
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