Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Football Season!

College Football started today. I am less than impressed with my Ducks in their season opener against Boise State. While I am 99% sure the Vandals will not beat Boise State, I was hoping the Duckies would :( And as any true University of Idaho Vandal can tell you...Boise is NOT a State.

*Why is Boise State's turf blue aka smurf turf?
- To keep the cheerleaders from grazing

**Who do we hate?

***What do we eat?
- Bronco Meat!

Yeah in case you couldn't tell I am not a Boise State Bronco fan. I am a 100% VANDAL (even though they super suck, I am not a fare weather fan)

P.S. I am still without the internetz until next Wed. Currently I am at the BF's and using his internetz and his cable.


Anonymous said...

Love football time! Happy Friday to you!

She Became A Butterfly said...

why am i just now visiting your site?

shebabutterfly on twitter

Charmed said...

Visit my blog for a blog award just for you!

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