Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This and That

Dear Psycho drivers, slow drivers, idiot drivers, etc

…please stay off the road while I am on my commute.



I have started listening to NPR during my commute. I find it interesting and much more informative than the music station, which liked to inform me about celebrity happenings (I kind of miss that though, but that’s why the internet has people.com).


Jake the Bachelor is an idiot and should just keep his mouth shut. On DWTS, when he said proposing to Vienna was the honor of his life, I almost vomited.  And even my dog was all, “Bitch please. 

*but I do enjoy Niecy with her jiggly bits and Buzz with his moon walk.



Smart Ass Sara said...

Slow drivers suck. I wish I could just pull them over and revoke their licenses myself.

I am refusing to watch DWTS. Because I just KNOW it's going to fuck up my fuckmill schedule. And I can't go back to fat ass now that my ass has very little jiggle to it.

Jo said...

I listen to all kinds of podcasts while at work. A few are by NPR. I'm learning a lot.

I don't own a tv so Its good to know I'm not missing anything.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Jake's brain is in his penis. Or vice versa, I'm not quite sure.

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