Monday, December 13, 2010

The reindeer fell out of my ass

I was able to find quite a bit of that holiday spirit I had been lacking.  I put up my tree on Saturday and put out all my decorations. And it really helped me pull the reindeer out of my ass.

rocking horses

My rocking horses all lined up in order by year

A pony for christmas

My new ornament collection “a pony for christmas” also in order by year

christmas tree

My tree with all the ornaments. So pretty.

I have opted not to hang any christmas lights outside this year, but that’s okay. It is cold and raining buckets and frankly I have no desire to scamper my happy ass across the roof.

Yeah for the holidays!

P.S. I met a boy who makes me smile :)


ty said...

I love your pretty tree :)

Lin said...

I really like your tree, it's super cute. Also...yay for you meeting a dude that makes you 'smile'!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo a boy! Very exciting. Your tree looks beautiful. Good work girl.

E said...

Beautiful :)

And can't wait to hear about the boy!

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