Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here comes the bride

So, I'm not the best on keeping up on my blogging. Sue me. What can I say, sometimes I get busy, sometimes I get lazy, and sometimes I just have nothing to say...to anyone.

My brother proposed to his girlfriend on Sunday and she said yes. They are all engaged and shit now. What the hell?! I mean I am super excited for them and she is already basically part of the family and he will never find anyone else who will put up with his neurotic ass the way she does and love him to boot.

But I always thought I would get married before him. I mean I am older by 4 years and a girl (in my mind girls tend to get married younger than boys). Hell I even have a boyfriend I live with. But there are no wedding bells anywhere close to my near future or at least any that actually will belong to me.

I do want to get married. And I do want to have kids. I even kinda have baby fever at the moment. I see pregnant bellies and it is like a homing beacon. I just want to look and look at the belly and I can hardly wait to see what the baby will look like. I want to be pregnant, except I don't want the baby that comes from being pregnant. Is that weird?

Sam and Kelsey being engaged will only cause my mother's psychosis to become even worse. Jen and Brad got engaged and started planning their wedding and somehow I ended up with a stack of wedding dress pictures my mom thought would look good on me...uh, okay. And Jen isn't even really my mom's kid. So I can just imagine it now that one of her children is getting married. Gah, save me now! Please I beg you.

P.S. I am still fat and not getting any less fat. Damnit! Even though I know it's my fault because I don't actually stick to the WW plan.


a noni mouse said...

;D UR SO FUNNY. please hear me when i say that pregnancy sucks complete ass. you have to stay sober, you hate your body even MORE than normal, your dr. is constantly invading your peepee for nine dang months and then shit gets .. bloody hellish. mkay thats enough scary stories for one night ;D

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