Sunday, January 11, 2009

WoW Update

We did end up going to a movie and dinner. But we put off leaving for so long because he kept waiting to see if they were going to raid or not. I didn't buy tickets online because at that point I wasn't sure what time we would make it to the movie.

By the time we left we had decided on seeing the 7:35pm movie and it was currently 6:10pm. I had mentioned maybe going to Red Robin for dinner before the movie (earlier in the evening). When we pulled into the Red Robin parking lot it was full and people were waiting outside, there was no way we would make it in and out in time to make it to our movie.

Then Mike decides we should go to Mucho Gusto. I like Mucho Gusto but I was hoping for a fun date night with my boyfriend. We rushed through our meal there so we could race over to Valley River to try and make our movie.

The line for the movies is so long it makes it all the way to the door then wraps around, even the ticket kiosk has a huge line.

So this nice relaxing fun date night has turned into this rushed disappointment. Fortunately the movie was great and we did make it in time.

I am still pissed about the WoW thing.


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