Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday What-nots with Jen

*Last night while watching the Biggest Loser (side note: cannot STAND Tracy) Jen decided to see how hard jumping up onto the step would really be. Only she didn’t have step, so she chose the ottoman. It’s a squishy ottoman. I reminded her that the key is to make sure she bends her legs to get the clearance and swing her arms so she has enough momentum…because you know, I am a professional trainer and stuff. Anyway, Jen gets into her crouch position, swings her arms, and leaps. She made it, landed with both feet on the ottoman and promptly fell backwards off the ottoman, still in her crouch position, onto the floor. Because the ottoman was squishy on top it didn’t allow her the chance to catch her balance.


I almost peed my pants laughing so hard and at one point I stopped breathing and my face turned bright red. I am surprised none of her neighbors came to check on us because as she was falling backwards we both let out loud horrified screams and then burst into cackling laughter once we realized she hadn’t hurt herself. I am sure her husband Brad thought we were insane. And he would be right.

*Earlier in the day when Jen came home for lunch, she couldn’t find her dog (he was our dog when we lived together, but she got him and the Charmed DVD series in the divorce, but I still totally have visitation rights). He was supposed to be out back or in the garage, but was nowhere to be found. She called me and told me the situation and I put on some shoes and a sweatshirt and told her I would be right there. I live down the block from her. I opened the door and turned the corner to head toward her street and there was Jack sniffing around the neighbor’s yard looking like a drowned rat because it had been raining all morning. I returned Jack to a very relieved Jen. Apparently the side gate blew open at some point in the morning and Jack decided to go exploring in the neighborhood and to see if his Momma Erica was home. Thankfully no one stole him. He is a pretty cool dog.

*Jen’s niece T is coming to visit this weekend, well she is flying in today actually. T is 12 and we are going to spoil her rotten! It is going to be awesome.


Gabby said...

Okay, I HATE Tracy too! And I totally LOLed at your friend trying to jump on the ottoman. :)

Miss Rosa said...

OMG. What is WRONG with Tracy? Such a whiny woman. Backstabber, I figure.

Miss Rosa said...

BTW I like to eat pizza while watching Biggest Loser. Guilty pleasure.

mylittlebecky said...

i love moments like that! it seems like it's been ages since i've almost peed my panties in laughter at something that silly :)

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