Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What’s in the purse

Several of you have done the “what’s in your purse” posts and today I decided to jump on that boat!  Besides, I just got a new purse so overall my purse is pretty clean and I am not embarrassed by what may be inside.

My brother is getting married this weekend and I needed a dress for the event.  Jen and I headed to the outlet mall. I found a dress I really like and discovered that there is a Coach store! Sigh, I love me some Coach.  Along with my new dress I now have a new purse and wallet:

New purse

But I know you are all here to really see what is inside the purse and not the purse itself…but you must admit, that is one beautiful bag.

Blog Purse

1. Stamps, yeah, I carry stamps in my purse. I am the person when you ask, “Does anyone have a stamp?” who responds, “Yes.” and then gives you one and doesn’t even expect you to pay for it.  Also there is my bluetooth (I hate that thing, but I commute everyday around 80 miles each way and driving and talking on the phone is a no-no). Lastly is a nail file, hang nails are a bitch!

2. My new beautiful wallet, nuf said.

3. My work ID badges and if you look closely you can also see the pair of earrings that I discovered in the bottom of my purse.

4. The love of my life…also known as my blackberry.

5. Gum, essential.  And several pens and a sticky note pad sometimes you just need to leave a quick love note.

6. My Starbucks gift card and my punch card for Dutch Bros, another coffee place – drink coffee much? Check! The other card is the business card for my landscaper guy who is starting next week.

7. Inhaler, vital if I want to keep breathing; eye drops and no I am not a stoner, I have issues with my tear ducts and sometimes my eyes dry out; lip gloss and hand lotion, it’s important to keep the lips and hands soft and smooth and kissable ;)

8. Keys, several pairs. One set is to my house and my parents house and the second set are my work keys.

9. And lastly…my passport! You never know when you might need to make a quick get away. It is important to always be prepared, just in case.


Alyssa said...

hahaha i love that you carry your passport.

I only got my passport a month ago and i keep tossing up whether i should carry it on me at all times. My latest thought is what if some tv show approached me on the street for a game show and i had to take a flight straight to LA, but could only accept if i had my passport on me. In these circumstances i would want to be carrying the passport.
But what about every time i change bags. and lose stuff. and leave things places.

Though at the moment its not exactly in a safe spot under a pile of rubbish and a bowl of weetbix... maybe my bag is the safer option.

Lin said...

I love people that carry stamps with them! Mostly because I'm always the person bumming stamps off of ppl like you, lol. Thank you stamp carrier :)

You carry your passport all the time? First thing I thought when I saw it pictured was 'she afraid she'll committ a felony & have to make a run for it?'. Pretty smart though...sadly I dont even have one. Totally need to get on that stat!

Smart Ass Sara said...

Yet another reminder that I need to get a god damn passport. Grr..

I carry stamps too! AND I love your purse and wallet. I need a new wallet...

♥Aubrey said... carry your Passport? That's genius i tell ya. You're always prepared to hop a plane :)

And lady...i've got the exact same stamps and blackberry with pink case. {Twins} Lol

Great comment btw you left me. I too am the oldest and know all too well about having everthing tested through us. The youngest always have it easier than we did...Boo!!!
Good thing you got your velcro shoes though. That's a story you'll never forget. You should definitely share it with your kids someday.

kate said...

just stumbled across your blog...i decided to become a follower because i, too, have a one eyed cat (mine is freddy). looking forward to getting caught up!

feel free to visit me over at southern belle simple!

Kate a' la Southern Belle Simple

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