Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The one about bad pussies and strippers

You know your job is good when you end the work day discussing strippers.  And it is completely work related and relevant to the work we do!  For real.  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

As class let out and people filed out there were smiles on the faces and giggles could be heard fading down the hallway.

Do you know some of the self employment costs strippers might have?…

Me: What do we consider self employment?

Me: Blah blah blah, meet these criteria, blah blah blah
(I am sure this is how I sound to the class)

HS: And remember we may get people coming in who say they are drug dealers or prostitutes and they won’t have receipts to verify their income.
(Hi Helena! Everyone say hi to Helena)

Student: Yeah and strippers.  Would we consider them having to purchase ”outfits” as an expense?

Me/HS: It could be, but could also depend.  You and I have to purchase clothing appropriate for our employment, but would we consider that a cost?  Possibly.

**This is where I have the best line…EVER**

Me: Another cost they might incur, grooming costs

The laughter was immediate, some were in utter shock, and I couldn’t help but giggle myself.

Class: *snickers*

Me: Come on, you all know what I am talking about!

Ah yes the day ended on a positive note, even if there is one very trying student in the class.  But hey, there is usually one and she will only make me a better trainer in the long run.

My mind lives in the gutter, geez.  Why do you think I have to wash my hair so often!  And here is evidence that I have even corrupted my cat.  I give you miss Maggie doing her impression of what dirty girls do:

slutty maggie

You’re welcome and good night!

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Gabby said...

Bwahahahaha! This is hilarious...and that picture of your cat just completed the whole thing!

I will donate when I get paid, ladylove!

Fidgeting Gidget said...

I thought of grooming costs right away too! Hahaha. And your cat is a VERY dirty girl.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out E!!

Manic Mother said...

Great conversation! And the cat pis is priceless!

Michelle said...

Have you read "Candy Girl" by Diablo Cody? Strippers have totally legit business expenses!

Anonymous said... need to blog...peace. Jen

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