Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camping, what's that all about?

I went camping over the Memorial Day weekend. I am not a camper. I don’t like bugs, I am terrified of spiders, I hate when my hands and nails are dirty, and I have trouble breathing well on normal days, let alone when I am huddle around a campfire trying to stay warm.

The plan was to head out Saturday morning, meet up with our friends who had staked out a site the night before and camp through Monday morning. We only made it to Sunday, early afternoon. It looked like it was going to rain either that evening, night or early the next morning. Now I already stated I am not a camper. I am REALLY not a camper when it involves me getting wet insert 12 y/o boy giggles and jokes here. I don’t want to have to try and figure out how to feed myself while battling the rain or have to pack up the tent and all the camping “stuff” in the rain and subsequent mud.

When those grey clouds started to move in, Mike opted for us to leave and head back into town. Smart, smart man.

I guess for me I don’t see the appeal in packing up all my worldly belongs (minus anything remotely electronic) and trekking out into the woods. I mean, I have a perfectly comfortable bed (that I don’t spend enough time with) at my house. I have a stove and indoor plumbing and refrigeration and insulated walls that keep the heat in. And I have internets and TV. Why do I need to leave…ever?

Camping is supposed to be relaxing? It stresses me out to the max.

Did I have fun? Yes. It was nice to spend time with friends and just hang out, tell jokes and eat s’mores (lub me some s’mores). It was nice to not really think about what was happening on FB or be tied to my computer and blackberry. But this little bit of fun does not outweigh my dislike. For me there are more cons than pros to camping.

Will I go camping again? Most likely. Mike enjoys camping and so do several of our friends. But I will not initiate any camping trip. It will not be my first choice in how I want to spend my time off. But I will and I won’t hate it and I will smile and do my best to be pleasant. I will be a good sport. And as I sit in a camp chair, trying to ignore the dirt under my fingernails while roasting a marshmallow and drinking a beer, I will imagine I am at a 5 star hotel with direct path to the beach and beautiful view of the ocean with a fruity drink complete with an umbrella in my hand.

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Smart Ass Sara said...

I want an RV so bad. You really have no idea. BUT on my 30/30 list it does state that I will camp, in a tent, outside. *sigh*

The only reason that is on my list because for our wedding, 6 years ago in 9 days, we got a tent, lantern, and sleeping bags. Which are all still in original packaging with gift receipts taped to it. This is what happens when you let your fiance hold the scanner gun at Target for 2 minutes so you can pee.

♥Aubrey said...

You have more guts than me. I REFUSE to the max to go camping. I am NOT a nature girl what-so-ever!!! When hubs says lets go camping...i say...OK build a tent in the living room, turn on the fireplace & pop some popcorn. Ha ha ha. NO bugs & NO dirt to worry about. YES i'll admit i'm spoiled. I don't like to get dirty.

Gabby said...

Okay, so I have never really been camping, but I think I would be just like you. I HATE bugs and spiders, I would much rather be in the pool with a drinky. :) But s'mores? Yes please.

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