Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Journey of my trip to Georgia

My friend Amber and I traveled to Georgia for our other friend, Kristin’s wedding.

hotel room red pillows view out the window
The red pillows were my FAVORITE!           View out the window from my bed.

love Loews better view out the hotel window
DANGER = mini fridge                                Better view outside out hotel window.

We arrived at out hotel after a long red eye flight. Arriving in Atlanta around 9:30am, that is 6:30am for my West Coast brain/body.  we stayed at Loews**, it was amazing!

We opted out of taking a nap as we were hopped up on caffeine and ready to get exploring.

thumbs up in Atlanta
Oh yeah, off to be a tourist on only 3ish hours of plane sleep!

Total tourists that we were, we hit up CNN, the Aquarium, Turner Field, and looked at the outside of the Coca Cola museum.

the world inside CNN cnn coffee cropped
The world inside CNN                        Nothing says morning like CNN coffee

we love Anderson Look it's Larry!
we searched for Anderson, but he’s in NYC. But then we found Larry ;)

After our behind the scenes CNN tour it was off to the Aquarium.

True love fish style                     I see penguins
True love                                                       I see penguins

A&E like chilean miners 
Crawling through the penguin tunnel

Now we were off to Turner Field. Amber is a big Braves fan. I am not into baseball so much, but I was down for the ride.

Turner Field
Turner field. While there I realized it was named after Ted Turner who basically owns all of Georgia. He started CNN, owned the Braves, started TBS (Turner Broadcasting System) which is why it always shows the Braves games…

At the Braves store:

Amber and Cox nose picking cropped
Amber tries on a jersey and I pick my nose…

We crashed hard that night.  And the next morning began the real reason we went to Georgia in the first place – KRISTIN’S WEDDING! It was casual and laid back and low stress, with just family and a few friends. But mostly, it was perfect.

Lunch before the wedding 
Lunch before the Big Event that evening.

crazy amber doing kristin's hair Kristin hair finishing touches
Starting the hair.                              Final touches and in the dress.

yummy decorated by moi cakes 
The super yummy cakes decorated by moi. Did I mention they were super yummy?!

Kristin before the I Do's              beautiful bride and groom
The Bride before the “I Do’s”                          Happily Ever After!

I had a great time in Georgia and I can’t wait to go back.  It was my first trip anywhere in the South.  Next time I plan to stick around for more than a weekend. There is so much I didn’t get to see and do and eat!

P.S. I don’t think I took one serious photo the entire trip!

**Loew’s was an Amazing hotel. And I recommend staying there. The staff was helpful and friendly. I know I plan to stay there again.  And this is all my personal opinion.


Lin said...

Looks like you had a great time, I love those red pillows too! You're friend looks absolutely beautiful, I love her dress.

Ginger said...

Sounds like a really great trip!! :) Your photos are great, and it looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Congrats to Kristin!

E said...

leaving you an award :) check out my blog

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