Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tag I’m it, wait no, you’re it!

I was tagged by my name twin, E over at Life of a Single engaged girl.  She answered 8 questions and then tagged some other bloggers with 8 questions of her own.  So, here are my answers to her questions and then I came up with 8 of my own and tagged some other lovely bloggers…

1. If you could pick one song that describes your life what would it be?

*Leona Lewis – Better In Time

As we know, I recently ended an almost 3 year relationship. I relate to this song because it acknowledges how much it hurts, but that ultimately I will smile and be happy again because I deserve to.

2. Your first kiss: Fairytale or tragedy?

Fairytale. Sigh. I was 15 almost 16 and the boy and I had been really good friends for about a year and I had a RAGING crush on him. Then one day after school we were hanging out at my house watching TV. I was eating saltines and he wanted one. I refused to share so he tackled me on the couch as I tried to run away with MY crackers. It was like in the movies, we were laughing so hard, I was almost crying. I took a deep breath trying to catch my breath after laughing and looked up. Our eyes caught and we both stopped laughing and he leaned in and kissed me nice and good J

We dated for 4 ½ years, through high school and into college.

(writing this just made my heart smile, remembering how exciting it was and how happy and special I felt)

3. If you were given a year in which you could do absolutely anything you wanted to do (money is no object) what would it be?

I will say travel. But I think I would travel to mostly Spanish speaking countries so that I could work on building my confidence in speaking Spanish. I love to travel and see different cultures and customs.

4. What is your favorite mistake and why?

Geez, I really have no idea.  I haven’t made any HUGE mistakes, but I have had the regular ol’ trial and error mishaps that made me the person I am today.

5. The craziest thing you've ever found in your car that perhaps wasn't yours?

There is always something interesting to be found in my car (I am not all that great about keeping my car clean…oops). I have found CDs I thought long lost, a single shoe, several mismatched socks, sweaters, and even a pair of pants (why am I disrobing in my car?). There is constantly dog hair and empty coffee cups. Old mail too but that usually gets removed after a day or two because I remember I need something out of the mail I tossed in the back seat. I currently have a pillow (this is starting to sound like I am homeless) and painting supplies in the back. Nothing in there surprises me anymore and it is always mine.

6. What is the best gift you've ever received?

Well the kiss mentioned earlier happened a week before my 16th birthday so that was a pretty good gift. But I would have to say my bocky bocky was the best gift. I must have only be about 2 ½ and Christmas morning I run out to see what Santa has left me under the tree. There in all its amazing glory was my bocky bocky. One of those bouncy rocking horses. There was a blow up Santa sitting on it and my dad likes to remind me that I ran up chanting bocky bocky (hey, I was little, screaming ROCKING HORSE was a little outside my vocabulary so instead I called it bocky bocky, kind of like rocky rocky), grabbed Santa by his arm and flung his ass across the room so that *I* could ride my bocky bocky. This may have been the moment my love affair with horses started.

bocky christmas present

Bocky bocky 
*please forgive the picture quality, my scanner was being a snatch so these are pictures of pictures.

7. As a kid your favorite thing to do/play was?

Well besides riding the bocky bocky…Riding my big wheel or bike around the neighborhood. There were also horses down the road so I would go feed them apples and try and get them close enough so I could pet them

8. Answer the following question: If I didn't blog I'd probably ____________.

Need a lot more therapy. Blog helps get it all out before it explodes inside. The good, the bad, and the ugly!

P.S. I found this picture while looking for my bocky bocky pictures,  of my mom when she was MY age while pregnant with ME!

mom preggers with me

Now for my 8 questions:

1. If  you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
2. What is your all time favorite picture of you and can we see it?
3. What is one thing you know you should throw away but probably never will?
4. What is one of your biggest regrets? (yeah I know, everything happens for a reason, but still what is something you wish you had done differently?)
5. What was your first IM/Screen Name/Email account name and why did you pick it? (I really hope it was something completely cheesy!)
6. What is the oddest inanimate object you have been caught talking to?
7. What thought or message would you put in a fortune cookie?
8. Why did you start blogging?

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Anonymous said...

Hey =) Just catching up on you - I hope you are doing better after your break up *hugs*. These things are never easy but I am glad to see you have managed to remember how wonderful you are! xx Jelly

Lin said...

I love old photos, you look so happy on your bocky bocky. I think I'd also need a lot of therapy if I didnt blog haha.

Thanks for tagging me!

mylittlebecky said...

i've been tagged! hurray! and i love the old pictures! (as we all know :))

Anonymous said...

Thanks girl! That picture of your mom pregnant with you is cool. I love looking at pictures of my momma from when she was my age. Happy day to you!

Kerry said...

We must be about the same age, because I LOVED my big wheel. Actually it was originally my brother's but I ruled the big wheel. I actually won big wheel races. At fairs. Against BOYS! I had to share that because I share it every chance I get and no one ever really cares. This way, I can pretend you and whomever reads it think it is Really Cool!

Ginger said...

awww I love this question thing. Bocky bocky is AWESOME...wooo!!! I love, love, LOVE the expression on your face when you're actually on the horse. That is pure, unadulterated joy.

mylittlebecky said...

dude. i did it.

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