Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Core Plan

I have been on Weight Watchers for awhile now and have found that it can be quite successful when I choose to stick with the program. Of course sticking with the program is often to hugest obstacle I encounter.

I hate writing down everything I eat and figuring out how many points are in this or that. I hate measuring out portions and weighing my food. Perhaps this is why I am fat, that and I really like fried food and have a wicked sweet tooth.

Weight Watchers offers two programs, the Flex Plan, where you track your daily points and keep a log of food you eat and the Core Plan, where you can eat any food from the core food list and you eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed. I have decided to attempt the core diet.

I enjoy many of the foods on the core list, there are over 2000 foods to choose from (I can even have my coffee and not feel guilty!), and I loathe tracking. My worry with trying the core plan is that if I knew when to stop eating when I was satisfied and not stuffed...I wouldn't be fat.

Today is my first day on Core and I am really trying my hardest. I have stuck with it through two meals. Of course being at work and having things to occupy my time has also been helpful. It doesn't seem so hard but I haven't gotten to dinner yet or later in the evening when I get a little bored and want something to munch. Overall everything I have eaten has fallen under core, except for the few pieces of candy.

I am trying here and I am attempting to cut the candy out, but it has been part of my morning routine for awhile now and the temptation is so difficult. I don't smoke, but food is my addiction. Unlike other additions, I can't just STOP eating.

I feel successful on my new path today. Wish me luck!
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