Tuesday, April 21, 2009

boys and their caulk

Mike has decided to get his house ready for an appraisal to refinance. Sweet, cool, whatevs.

Wait, did I mention that this means he is now replacing ALL his baseboards and door frames so they match his new window frames? And painting several rooms in his house. Including the kitchen and that means the cupboard doors and drawers too! And THAT means I "get" to help.

I am a little less thrilled about this now. And seeing the hallway and kitchen with out door frames and without baseboards makes me more than a little nervous. The "boys", Mike and his buddy Little Jon, are notorious for having genius ideas and starting projects, but for whatever reason they never quite get completed. All I know is there better be baseboards and door frames up throughout the house by the end of the week. Little Jon says by Thursday, but I will be generous and give him through the weekend to finish.

Also, do you even know how many cock jokes they make while talking about caulking? I was in the back room feeding my cat, Maggie, which of course means I was talking and singing to her and LJ is outside the window (the open window) and he says to me, "Hey, you're talking to your pussy and I am playing with caulk." Then he giggled like a schoolboy. Boys are D-U-M dumb!

And to top off my "excitement" about these projects my project karma decided to teach me a lesson for being such a doubter. As I was trying to open the 5 gallon paint bucket I nearly ripped off my right pointer finger nail. And yes, it hurt like a mother and I am sure the cats learned some very choice words. There is quite the bruise under my fingernail now and it may turn into a blood blister and need to be drained...I am soooo lucky.

Keep your fingers crossed that everything is completed quickly and the house is returned to normal!


Anonymous said...

Poor Erica....Anything I can do to help? And by helping, I mean...do you need me to make up some excuse for needing to come over to my house? How about Brad fell out of his chair and I can't pick him up???


Myka said...

This sounds like a classic home refishing weekend project. OH FUN! These are never ever completed 100%
With my bf's first house, I made him sell his old house and build a brand new one so that it would be 100% done, no renovations needed. I highly recommend it.

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