Sunday, July 26, 2009

Relay for Life 2009

For several years I have wanted to participate in Relay for Life and this year I decided to actually DO something. I created a team and jumped through all the hoops. My team of 9 fundraised almost $1000 in a 3 month span. The local event was this weekend. It went from noon on Friday to noon on Saturday.

I am so proud of my team, we kicked ass! Each team is required to have a team member walking the track at all times and it was HOT this weekend. Three of us set up our tent site starting at 10:30 Friday morning and it was already quite warm. It wasn't long until I was drenched in sweat (totally sexy, I know).

I had a total of 3.5 hrs of sleep. I walked 12 miles in the 24 hr period and I definitely feel it! I managed to not get a sunburn except for the tops of my hands and the tip of my nose, sunscreen is my best friend. That (not getting a sunburn) is a miracle in and of itself. That's what I do when exposed to sun, burn, but not this weekend.

My right hip has reminded me of the soccer injury from years ago when I tore my hip muscle, my knees have reminded me of all the knee injuries I suffered over the 12 years of serious soccer playing. My body hurts. But of all the aches and pains, the thing that hurts the most are my blisters. My poor feet! Last night they were so swollen I almost couldn't put my flip flops on.

I need a pedicure, fo sho!

My left foot, this was a blister on top of a blister

My right foot, this blister hurt a LOT!

This is a continuation of the right foot blister, it went up between my toes :(


RedCurlGirl said...

go get some blister bandaids--they work wonders and they come in a silver box. kind of pricey...but i will pay whatever price to make them stop throbbing!

Anonymous said...

Oh sister, get yourself some band aids! Congrats on such an amazing job. Sounds like you and your team did a great race. You must feel so proud of yourself. Now go soak those muscles in a nice warm bath. Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I thought I was your best friend!!! I could use a pedicure too!


E said...

U iz my best friend, Jen. I didn't actually GET a pedicure, I just said I needed one! I think we need to get a "pre wedding pedicure" wink wink!

Al said...

congratulations on making it! thats really amazing :) and the blisters are just war wounds and reminders of what you achieved!

Lin said...

Wow, all weekend. You're such a trooper, good for you!

I'm sorry you have horrible blisters but at least it was for a good cause.

Gabby said...

THIS IS SO AMAZING!!! Wow, seriously, I'm awed by you. Good job, lady!

Alicia said...

ahhh yikes!! painful!! but how awesome are you :) at least it was for a great cause!

Miss Rosa said...

dude! blisters BETWEEN toes! now that just ain't right!

Iva said...

omg!! OUCH!!!

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