Friday, July 31, 2009

I love fridays!

Okay, so last night's post was a little Debbie Downer, but having let all of that out, I feel somewhat lighter.

And besides...IT'S FRIDAY!

And I totally think I need to win this little giveway from ♥Aubrey. I mean really I could use a little pampering!

I will have to post pictures of my house since that last ones where just of the foundation. I have walls and a roof and cement porches and patios and driveways (okay, only one driveway). They painted the inside yesterday and my cabinets are up. BUT most exciting of all, my closing date is set for August 24! That is just around the corner.


♥Aubrey said... pics of the home. We ALL want to see :)- Double entry for you lady. YAY!!!

♥Aubrey said...
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♥Aubrey said...

Guess what...guess what? You'll have to visit my blog to find out the FABULOUS news. Hope you're having a great day...what am i saying...go see my's a WONDERFUL day indeed for you :)-

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