Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do you have picture of your esophagus, ‘cause I totally do!

Today was a slightly less than awesome day.  But it ended alright.

When you are told you aren’t allowed to eat is when there seems to be food everywhere and all you think about is food.

This afternoon I had a upper GI Endoscopy done.  Awesome sauce.  Basically they stick a tube/camera down your throat to look at your esophagus and stomach and the first part of your small intestine.

The important thing to note, is that in order to do this procedure you aren’t allowed to eat for at least 6 hours prior to the procedure.  Well, my procedure was scheduled for 2pm, which means no food after 8am.  I have to be at work at 8am and I wait until the last possible minute to get up in the morning and then I eat once I actually get to work.

I love food, but I love me some sleep even more.  So I get to work and am about to do my normal breakfast routine and realize, I CAN’T EAT ANYTHING!  And I haven’t eaten since dinner last night.  This makes my body suddenly think it will never eat again and that I am going to starve to death. 

My tummy rumbles and grumbles.  And makes the most inappropriate noises at the most inopportune moments.

I was totally starving.

My appointment time rolls around and I strip down my top half* and put on a lovely hospital gown (I know you are so jealous right now).  Then the nurse hooks up my IV (oh yeah, bring on the good drugs) and they cover me in a warm blanket and leave.  I wait patiently for my turn and while I am waiting I hear the doctor talking to another patient after their procedure.  The patient is wondering about eating now that they can and the Dr says they should start out with something light and nothing too greasy as it may upset their stomach.

I am laying in the darkened room, starting to freeze because the room was frigid and the warm blanket was now just a blanket.  And all I can think about is how I really want a cheeseburger and some french fries.  He just had to go and start talking about greasy food, thanks a lot!  My stomach also lets out the LOUDEST growl ever.

But I guess it is better to be thinking about food than to be stressing out about my procedure.

Finally it is my turn, I am rolled in to the room where the procedure will be done and the Dr starts chatting with me, his rock music playing in the background (not really soothing to me, but hey that’s what the drugs are for and I want him on the top of his game).  He turns to me after a few minutes and says, “Are you okay? You seem stressed.” Um yeah, you are about to make me be unconscious while you stick a tube down my throat…makes me a little nervous.

After that the next thing I know I am waking up in the recovery room, Mike is sitting next to me.  The nurse asks me a few questions (I have no idea what) and then I am ready to get dressed and head home.  I manage to get my bra and shirt back on, then sway and wobble as I stand up slowly.

My world was still fuzzy and that is why Mike was my driver :) Again, all my fuzzy brain can think about it food.  So when I get home I have some soup and my tummy smiles.

After Mike leaves Jackie and I decide it is time to watch so TV and just chill on the couch. And by watch TV and chill, I really mean pass out asleep on the couch.  We slept for several hours.  It was great.  And I woke up to Survivor on TV, woo hoo!  Sometimes fuzzyland is a fun place to visit.

And because I know you all are wondering, my esophagus is just fine.  Everything looks perfect :) Yea me!

*I was told to disrobe from waist up, but to leave my pants and socks on.  The bed I was on had a pad on it right where my butt was located. It was kind of like a puppy pad. Now if someone expects me to lose control of my bladder or worse, then I really think I should have been told to remove my pants too!  I assume that is for patients who are getting endoscopies from the other end. And no, the pad was not necessary for moi.


Gabby said...

This whole post made me laugh! I am very happy you are fine and you didn't pee on the puppy pad...or your pants :)

Nahl said...

Hahahah...aww...atleast you're feeling fine! =)

Cathy said...

No, but I have a picture of the inside of my uterus! ;-)

Glad everything turned out for you - stomach problems suck.

"And so our stories go..." said...

I'm with Cathy, I have a picture of my uterus. Glad you're feeling okay. :-)

Al said...

what is it with doctors and asking if you are okay and if you are stressed when you are about to get a procedure!! do they think its the most natural thing in the world listening to rock music laying on a medical table!

Glad everything is okay!

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