Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday is a great hump day

I am having the best day!

I basically cleared out all my backlog at work. Quite the accomplishment.

I found out I got the job I was hoping for. Woo hoo go me!

My mom found out she got a job today. She has been retired since April and always planned to go back to work, but has been unable to find a job. And that woman has been to more interviews than I can even count.  Trust me, I know, she tells me about each and every one.

Gabby from gabby, she wrote let me know that I won her Bare Escentuals Mascara giveaway. My eyelashes just told me they are super excited.


I got a blog award!


I know, right?! Lin from Linny’s Vault gave it to me and it tickled me pink. It just added to the fabulousness that was my day.

The Rules:

1. List 6 things you are a master in.

2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship & make blogging so awesome.

Things I’m a master at:

1. Being Awesome.  I mean really, hello! Besides, without me you’re just aweso

2. Loading the dishwasher. Seriously. I can load a dishwasher like nobody’s bidnass. I get it from my dad.  Also, I will rearrange the dishwasher if I don’t like how it was loaded. This too is a trait from my dad.

3. Crossword puzzles. I love them. I always do them in pen. I can usually complete the NY Times one through Wednesday and part of Thursday. Practice makes perfect people, practice makes perfect.

4. Naming breeds of dogs.  Whenever I see a dog I automatically say what kind of breed it is.  I know a lot about different breeds and I share this knowledge with everyone, even if they really don’t care. You’re welcome.

5. Eating cupcakes. I lub me some cupcakes!

6. Reading. I can fly through books. And I always a another book lined up for when I finish the one or two or four, that I am currently working on.

And six bloggers I am passing this award along to:

Aubrey @ made you blush
Cathy @ the marvelous mrs E
Gabby @ gabby, she wrote
Gidget @ fidgeting gidget
Liz @ it’s unbeweaveable
Sara @ welcome to sara's organized chaos

*Yes, I did alphabetize the names.


Gabby said...

I adore you, lady! I had no idea of your dishwasher-loading skills...impressive! :)

Lin said...

YAY, congrats to you & your mom on the new job!

I'm totally jealous of your Awesomeness...& ability to finish cross word puzzles, I never get any of those right lol.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Thanks for the award!

Oh, and um, will you come load the dishwasher at my house? I suck at doing it!

"And so our stories go..." said...

Naming breeds of dogs...I like that! Great post.

Smart Ass Sara said...

YES! You can't see it but believe me when I tell you that I'm chopping my desk right now and singing kung fu fighting.

♥Aubrey said...

Congrats on the award & thank you for passing it on to me :)

Your list is AWESOME!!! Kicks butt. Especially the puzzles & cupcakes. Lol the alphabetizing i seriously luv this. I alphabetize my credit cards in my wallet. Hehehe...little known fact only you now know.

Have a wonderful weekend & thank you again.

Cathy said...

See what happens when I get behind? I just now found out I won! Woo hoo! Thank you :-)

And I'm SO glad you got the job!

PS. I do crossword puzzles in ink, too. Another reason we're both so awesome.

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