Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A little bit of this and little bit of that

Today is the last day to enter my GIVEAWAY! Come on you know you want to! All the cool kids are doing it. Come on, pretty please...

My sister-in-law being a hair stylist = best thing ever! I got mah hair did today. There are purple chunks and I love it. I am also pretty sure I will be the little old lady with bright purple hair one day. I will rock it.

Speaking of purple hair, I am going to see Pat Benatar in concert tonight. Woo hoo! It will be glorious, I have my big hoop earrings and fingerless lace gloves all ready. Now if I could just find my blue eye shadow...

I just heard a snore, I think my cubie neighbor is sleeping. That's not fair! I want a nap too.

This Friday is Relay for Life in my region of the world and I am co-captain. It is exhausting and stressful, but I know the day of, it will be worth it. I have had several people, friends and family start fighting cancer this year and I have even lost a friend to cancer just a little over a month ago. Even if you don't donate to my team, please donate in some way to any number of teams or even just to the American Cancer Society. Everyone needs more birthdays!

Oh and AND a week from Friday I will be in Vegas! I have never been before and am really excited to go. Not to gamble, but just to see all there is to see.

I'll be back tomorrow to announce the winner of my giveaway. If you haven't yet, enter ALREADY! Geez.


Lin said...

I love vegas! We're about 3.5 hours away but have yet to make a trip this year :(

Hope you have a fabulous time!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Where are the pics of the purple hair? I so want to do that! But I think I'm too old. LOL

Jodey/Fat Chick Biker said...

I'm jealous! I want purple hair but the hubs would shit.

Definitely need pics!

Anonymous said...

Dude. I saw Pat Benetar last summer and it was life changing. She rocks so effing hard. Have an amazing time!

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