Saturday, August 28, 2010

Living la vida loca!

I went to Vegas two weekends ago.

It was my first trip there.

When we first arrived in Vegas it was hot (duh!), late, and I was tired after having worked a full day before catching the plane.  I was traveling with my mom and my dad and Mike.  If you know you my mom you know that this was stressful already.

I was less than enchanted with this fabled city.  But the next day Mike and I hit the town and saw the sights.  We started the morning (or in some parts of the world it would be considered afternoon…whatevs) like this:

Before the drink 1

And in no time at all I was digging the city and looking like this:

after drinks

Vegas at night was definitely something to see.  I am already planning the “E is turning 30, let’s party in Vegas!” celebration :) (that’s this coming June if you're keeping track)

Several of my aunts and uncles and a few cousins were there (my cousins were 9, 7, and 5 so we didn’t party it up per se).  It was great to see family I hadn’t seen in awhile and just have a weekend away from it all.

dad and 4 siblings...

My dad with 4 of his 8 siblings. They are in birth order with my dad as the oldest on the left.

gang after dinner

The whole gang after dinner.

I really enjoyed the Freemont Experience and the Strip was fun to see at night, but since I was there with family I wasn’t all about the clubs and stuff so the strip was just “meh” during the day.

We also went to see the MGM lions (totally dug it) and of course the famous white lions and tigers at the Mirage, and the dolphins too.  They had baby tigers.  Smooshy and cute and cuddly baby tigers!


Overall I had a great time!


Smart Ass Sara said...

It's on my 30/30 list so I'm hoping I get to go in May. *crossing my fingers* :)

Lin said...

Vegas is my favorite place to vacation...glad you had a great time!

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