Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VD is not just for Venereal Disease

I had one of the best Valentine's Day I can remember in a long time.

Saturday morning I wake up slowly without an alarm, score! Mike makes us eggs and coffee...yum, I love coffee. He then decides I must watch Goodfellas as I have never seen it and we have been on a Sopranos kick and apparently it is essential that I also see Goodfellas. I decide to kill two birds with one stone and fold laundry as I watch the movie. Suddenly Shadow starts barking insanely and the doorbell rings, I have no idea what is going on. Mike answers the door, I hear him talking to the person at the door but I can't make out what they are saying and as he is coming back into the room he tells me to close my eyes. Now, I know he is up to something. I hear him walk back into the room and he tells me to open my eyes. In his hands is a beautiful bouquet of flowers, red roses and white lilies!

At one point during the movie Mike gets up to go in the bedroom for a sec and we pause the movie, I take this opportunity to run into the garage to get another load of laundry from the dryer because my current load is almost completely folded. I settle back in with my new load of laundry and we resume watching Goodfellas. I fold a few items and I reach into the basket for another shirt and I see a red jewelry box hidden in the clothes. When I open the box there is heart shaped pendant necklace with pink sapphires, diamonds, and smokey diamonds. I am so surprised. I really was not expecting anything besides dinner and maybe flowers for Valentine's Day.

Later that day we go to DSW because Mike needs a new pair of shoes. Well I obviously have no interest in mens shoes so I head off to the clearance room. Yes, DSW has a room for just their clearance shoes. I walked into the room and angels started blowing trumpets, the room was bathed in golden light, from floor to ceiling from wall to wall. I have died and gone to heaven and they are all 40-70% off their sale price!

I instantly remove my shoes and start to try several pairs on. I fall in love with 3 pairs and I am trying to decide how to pick a pair I want the most when Mike comes to find me. He jokingly tells me my 10 minutes are up and he needs me to help him pick out shoes. He sees me looking longingly at the shoes. He tells to grab all three, he is going to buy them for me, it is an extended Valentine's gift. Sigh, I knew there was a reason I loved him!

After we left the shoe store it was off to lunch and sushi was on the menu. Oh, and Mike got a pair of black sketchers. Mike and I went on our first date at Sushi Domo so, sushi is kind of our thing. It was yummy and delicious and we ate raw fish to our hearts' content!

We also went shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond where we bought new sheets for the bed and just spent the afternoon together (that's how you know you are getting old...buying new sheets is exciting). To top the night off we went to a romantic Valentine's dinner at Mazzi's. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was cozy and romantic, we chatted and laughed and ate until we couldn't breathe.

The day exceeded my expectations. I am so grateful that Mike made the effort to make the day special for me. I simply wanted some acknowledgement of the day, but he did more than simply acknowledge it. It was a great day and the best part was not the gifts I received or the food I ate, but that we spent the day together.

Of course that night I gave Mike his Valentine's gift and made him my Valentine ;) You will just have to use your imagination for that, you pervs!


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