Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I love sleep. Like, seriously love it. Maybe my love of it comes from not always being able to get it. Having nights where I toss and turn or wake up every few hours.

Weekends make me happy because I don't have to set an alarm. I can wake up leisurely and on my own time...well okay the animals who choose to live with me occasionally demand to be fed or let out to go potty. Gah, they are SOOOO demanding!

This morning I slept in later than I normally do, mainly because I stayed up way later than my usual 11pm bedtime. As I slowly came to consciousness, registering the light peeking through my blinds, the sounds of the world being awake around me, I felt the warmth of my munchkin aka Jackie snuggled next to me. It made me smile. He is the best little snuggler and my own personal space heater. Then I opened my eyes and what do I see? Jack Russell butt inches from my face! Not his best side.

He is now laying on my bed licking his butt. Little butthead (ha ha, see what I did there) why does he have to lick his butt on my bed? There is a reason he has a DOG bed!

Oh well, he knows he's cute and he knows that allows him to get away with things like sticking his butt in my face first thing in the morning and then licking said butt on my bed.


Elizabeth Marie said...

My Bella does the same thing...maybe we should hook them up.

mylittlebecky said...

aaawww, so cute! i love me a jack russell butt. admittedly not in the face. :)

P.T said...

I'm thinking of getting a kitten. :) Now reading your post I'm not sure it'd be a good idea. I don't want any pet in my bed. I'd die from the shock of waking up in the morning to find a cat looking at me or sitting on my belly...LOL

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