Monday, November 2, 2009

What not to be for halloween...Donkey Punch

So, it’s Monday. And I am at work. Monday is a total bitch! And that lotto needs to hurry up and pick my numbers…although I might have a better chance of winning if I ACTUALLY bought a ticket. But whatevs.

I had a great weekend. I went to the UO vs USC football game and since I am a Duck fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the crushing defeat handed to the Trojans  Mike’s brother Pete on the other hand was probably much less amused by the outcome of the game as he is a USC alum and fan.

My future sister in law, Kelsey, also got to attend the game and it was her very first Duck game ever. I am so glad it was such a great game for her to see. My favorite quote of hers was after she had the woman behind us take her picture with the field in the background “Thank you for making my fiancé SO jealous right now!” And it’s true! My brother was completely jealous that he had to work and was unable to attend the game or any game because he is always working on Saturdays. He won’t say he cried when he found out Kelsey was going to the game, but his chin did quiver.

Sam is a crazy scary Duck fan. He is the person who yells at the TV and stands during the whole game…at home, watching on TV. For reals, it is actually pretty entertaining.

Since the game was on Halloween there were even stranger costumes and get ups than are normally present for games. And the one that made the biggest impression…Donkey Punch girl.

DPG boarded the bus at the bar with the rest of us and had to stand in the aisle because there were no seats available. The mere fact that she was able to stand and NOT spill her drink on anyone was impressive. She was so faded that I was surprised when we spotted her at half time and she was still upright and walking around.

Ah college, when we are all in our drinking prime and able to drink all day and still be semi functional. I am not even close to my drinking prime anymore. And that is A-OK!

Anywasted, DPG had donkey ears on her head, her Oregon t-shirt rolled up under her boobs and wife beater underneath with DONKEY PUNCH written in sharpie across her stomach. On her left hand was a blue boxing glove and attach to that with packing tape was a cup holder (smart thinking). In her cup holder was some mixed drink with a straw…which she repeatedly struggled to find when she tried to take a drink. To top off her ensemble were the fake donkey teeth. Every once in awhile during the ride from the bar to the stadium she would pull out the teeth and fling spit/alcoholic beverage onto the people sitting in the seats nearby. Way to keep is classy. Also keeping it classy…when she proceeded to explain to a crowded bus what exactly a Donkey Punch is. Picture of DPG provided for your enjoyment.

You're welcome!


Miss Rosa said...

Wow. I really wasn't expecting that urban dictionary definition and wow. Just wow.

LiLu said...

I kind of think that costume is all sorts of awesome. In the right environment, of course...

E said...

Venue is key! I thought the older couple in the back of the bus was going to have a heart attack. But she was really entertaining to watch.

Blaez said...

i use to be like him when i watched the packers play... now i've mellowed out and only throw popcorn at the tv.

The Dude said...

Sounds like you need a Donkey Punch!!!

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