Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not a Bridezilla

I was doing my normal morning routine of reading all the blogs I follow and I came across Sara’s blog about Bridzillas

I have only ever watched that show on accident once or twice. I say accident because I didn’t intentionally tune in to the show, but once you start to watch an episode you just can’t turn it off. I think those women are insane and need some serious professional help! I am amazed they not only found someone who was willing to propose, but then after the craziness they exhibit as bridezillas was STILL willing to marry them. Also, I detest hearing brides say "it is MY day". Shouldn't it be "our day"? You can't have a wedding without another person. This is also a day of celebration for the groom.

If anyone ever spoke to me or treated me the way these women treat their friends and the man they claim to love…it would be so over. I would be gone so fast all you would see would be smoke where I used to be standing.

I am currently planning a wedding. The big day is July 8th…five weeks from Sunday. While I do find it somewhat stressful, trying to get all the details in place, finalizing all the last minute things, I do not in anyway consider myself a bridezilla. In fact overall I think I am a pretty laid back bride.

1. The wedding day is one day. It is not the marriage. The marriage is where the real work is and one “perfect” day will in no way guarantee an easy, bump free marriage. (FYI those marriages don’t exist).
2. People are coming to celebrate our marriage. Not my flower choices or bridesmaid dresses, etc.
3. Something ALWAYS goes wrong on the wedding day. I want to have a good time, not be stressed over stupid details.

I have my dress picked out, I got it at a bridal showcase for $250 and with alterations it comes out to about $400 total, my favors are lollipops, my flowers are being bought wholesale and my friends and I are creating the bouquets, I want the cake to taste good not be a work of art no one wants to ruin. I told my bridesmaids to pick a dress they liked and felt comfortable in, I just want them all the same color (jade) and in satin fabric so the dye comes out the same. I don’t want to force my friends to wear a dress that they are uncomfortable in and that while flattering on one body type is horrendous on another. Their shoes…whatever they want, preferably in black and something they already own or would wear again makes the most sense.

We found out the best man is not able to make the wedding. I didn’t dissolve into hysterics. I just said ok, that sucks but now we need to cancel his tux. Our Little Dude and the daughter of my really good friend are the ring bearer and flower girl. I joke about whether or not they will make it down the aisle. I honestly doubt they will without a few detours and encouragement along the way. And you know what…it will be funny. I will laugh about it because they are kids doing what kids do.

My day will be perfect because I am marrying a man I love and I will be celebrating with friends and family. It will be fun, not choreographed to the max.

A wedding is one day. A marriage is what it is all really about and where the real effort has to be put in. I am looking forward to my wedding day, but I am excited about my marriage.


Smart Ass Sara said...

I still wish I were the flower girl. I could have skipped all the way down.

I remember forgetting to even serve our cake until everybody had left and I'm all, "why is there so much cake here?" Um yeah. FAIL.

Lin said...

I'm right there with you on not making a big whoop out of the little things going wrong. It is what is & it's only one day. I love that you're not over stressing, neither did I.

My dress was bought at a warehouse sale for $125, best deal ever haha. I'm so excited for you!

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