Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Bash!!!

I know the last few posts have been a little bit on the downer side. So here is a good one. This past weekend was a great weekend.

Little Dude and I celebrated our birthdays! That's right we have the same birthday. I like to think of it as our way of being connected, since I didn't grow him in my belly, just my heart, we still have a special day that connects us. Have I mentioned I completely adore that boy. He has stolen my heart and I don't want it back. He turned 4 and I turned 31.

Birthday twins

There was pizza and cake and carousel rides and presents! He blew out 3 of his 4 candles in one puff then got that last one after that. The smiles on his face and all the attention doted on him just made the day super great. And while it was also my birthday, I am fully aware that this day will never be about me again.

I'll take this piece

That night after we put him to bed, Stuart gave me my birthday present (gift certificate for a massage, I will be using that soon with all the stress up in here) and my card and then lit candles on a piece of birthday cake and sang happy birthday to me. It was sweet and nice and special.

The next day was Father's day so we headed over to my parents for brunch and again I got cards and presents there and another piece of cake (there is no such thing as too much cake, word). Stuart and my dad got father's day cards and it was nice relaxing morning. My brothers enthralled Little Dude and watching them play with him made me realize they will great dads one day and I cannot wait. In the meantime they can practice with Little Dude.

fascinated by his uncles

Uncle Alex the firefighter demonstrating why you should not keep a 9V battery and steel wool together

Please don't fart Uncle Sam, my face is at butt level!

The removable finger trick...classic

These are my brothers and my son :)

Stuart has also lightened up about the adoption and child support arrears. We have started the paperwork and are waiting for my background check to come back. Things are looking up.


Lin said...

So glad to hear the adoption issue was cleared up. I'm so happy for you & the way your life is playing out.

The caption on the photo of lil dude standing behind your brother totally had me cracking up!

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