Saturday, August 1, 2009

To tip or not to tip

This post all started with a blizzard...

I believe in tipping. Tip Karma is so important! I believe in tipping for good service. I tip and I tip well and if I feel I have received exceptional service I tip exceptionally well.

People I tip:

*Servers - many servers in many states don't even earn the federal minimum wage and are expected to make up the rest in tips.

*Hair stylist - okay, my hairstylist is marrying my brother soon, but I would tip her anyway. This is the person in charge of making my hair fabulous and she has scissors near my head. Of course I want to show my appreciation for her skill.

*Esthetician (aka waxer)- Anyone coming at me with hot wax, aimed at sensitive areas, whether it's my eyebrows or my girly areas deserves a tip. I don't want to make them angry. EVER!

*Barista - 1. Anyone who is able to talk to me first thing in the morning before I have had any coffee, with a smile on their face deserves a tip. Me + Morning + No Coffee = CRAZY OGRE. 2. They get up WAAAAAY earlier than me, that in itself deserves a tip!

*Food delivery person - Pssh, they are bringing my food TO MY DOOR!

*Bartenders - Hello, they are making my drink, nuf said!

People I don't tip

*Gas attendants (I live in a state where gas is pumped for us) - They are doing their job. They are not going out of their way to be helpful. I am legally not allowed to pump my own gas. They have not gone above and beyond what is expected.

*Fast food worker - They have not come to my table to take my order, they have not delivered my meal to my table, they do not come and check to see how I am doing. I walk up to the counter, place my order and take my tray to my table and then bus my own table. Where in there have they earned a tip?

The other night Mike and I headed to Dairy Queen for blizzards. And we used the drive thru. When we arrived at the window there was a jar on the ledge and it said, "Tips are always appreciated". Wha...? Huh? Seriously? Are they for reals right now? Why do they think what they have done warrants a tip? I didn't even get OUT of my car and all they did was hand me a bag with my order out a WINDOW. The only tip I ever got when I worked the Wendy's Drive Thru was "stay in school or this could be your job indefinitely." Excellent advice by the way.

Like I said, I am all for tipping and tipping well when it is earned and deserved, but there has to be a line. Or eventually we will be tipping for every little thing.

Who do you tip?
Who do you not tip?
And why?


snickie said...

Who do I tip: Pretty much everyone you said, but I also tip the people who make my ice cream at Cold Stone. That's a lot of hard work, and they sing for their tips too. My kids like that. I tip the paper boy (I used to deliver the mail, they don't make enough money) and the guys who do our yard work (It's hot out there! Less work for me). And if I had a maid, I'd tip her too. Especially if she did my laundry or cleaned the bathrooms. Even I should get a tip for doing that!

Who don't I tip? Waiters with poor service, and everyone on your list Same reasons. I also do not leave a tip if we are staying in a hotel for the housekeeper, unless my kids ground cookie crumbs into the carpet or pooped in the tub. then I leave a note of apology and a heavy tip. It's what I'd want if I had to clean that mess up.

Anonymous said...

I am a tipper. 20% most times, unless terrible service and then I have to think it out.

Now a Blizzard, although fabulous, is stretching it. I'm not tipping for that tasty treat. Just eating it.

I Love Brownies said...

I love an old movie called "My Blue Heaven" - starred Steve Martin as an ex-mafia guy in the Witness Protection program. VERY FUNNY! Point is....I remember him saying "always over-tip" and before then I was a strict 'by the book percentage' tipper. Now...I'm like you - I believe in tipping karma. BUT - it's the 'mail man' that I have a question about. Do I really need to give him a Christmas gift (like a tip) or doing his job?? I don't tip or gift the gas meter reader....or the Dish TV installer. You gotta draw the line but your list is dead on - and VERY FUNNY!!

E said...

Oh, I forgot about the mail carrier. I don't currently have a newspaper subscription so that didn't occur to me. And of course if I had a housekeeper or a "lawn boy" they would definitely fall into my tip category!

As for the mail carrier...maybe it depends on if they deliver mail directly to the door as opposed to a secured group mailbox. I know I don't tip my mail carrier.

Anonymous said...

I tip the dog groomer...she has to smell wet dog all day and squeeze gooey stuff out of my dog's butt...well worth the tip!


Lady Jane said...

What state do you live in that its illegal to pump your own gas? Because I want to move there! I hate pumping gas.

As for tipping...I actually had a guy kinda yell at me because I didn't tip him, but I didn't know I was supposed to. You know when you get dropped off at the airport and there are employees out there that help get your bags out of your car? Well one helped me. I didn't ask for the help...he just did it and then scolded me for not tipping him. Sheesh..

Do you tip valets? I never know

Elizabeth Marie said...

I agree with Lady Jane...I hate pumping gas!

Thank you SO much for your sweet words of encouragement on my blog-I def thing something is going on with us west coasties, and we gotta stick together! Lots of things you said resonated with me, and I really appreciate it, so much. Now come hang out with Gabby and I! XO

mylittlebecky said...

i def tip a LOT! i'm still on the fence about tipping the sonic hops if i just get a drink and i'm right by the door, i mean, 91 cents? is a quarter kind of an insult? i dunno.

Organic Meatbag said...

I am always an excellent tipper unless a waiter/waitresss does such a horrible, half-assed job with a shitty attitude, that it just completely pisses me off... I tip the Schwans guy, the delivery people, etc...

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