Thursday, December 24, 2009

Only suckers work on Christmas Eve

There once was a girl named E and she drank way too much coffee.

She braved the cold and fog and dark and come into the office to work the day before Christmas (she was a saint like that).

The office was dead quiet, not a keyboard was typing or a phone a ringing. Not a worker was stirring…well maybe a mouse or two were scurrying (there has been a mouse problem in the office).

She was bored to tears and wished to be home, so instead of actually working she played on the Facebook and read blogs and wrote blogs. All while wishing she was sipping rum spiked eggnog (except she doesn’t like eggnog), curled on the couch with a Jackie snuggled alongside her, Mike sitting next to her with his arm around her and presents spread before her.

Merry Christmas!


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