Monday, December 14, 2009

Yada yada yada

I am tired and cranky. And the smallest things have the ability to irritate me at the moment.

I am nerdishly excited about Sing Off. Like, super nerdy excited. Want to jump around my living room excited (my dog thinks I am crazy).

My mom bought my dog a pirate outfit. 'Cause she thinks things like that are funny like I do. He looks hilarious.

My cat might eat my face off while I am sleeping if don't start managing to feed her at the right time in the evening. I seriously fear for my life.

Cereal for dinner sometimes makes me happy. It's the simple things.

I am going to attempt to make cookies tomorrow. I say attempt because I still need to go to the store, but right now that just seems overwhelmingly exhausting so, we will see how I feel tomorrow.

And that's all I got. Peach out, yo.

Oh and P.S. I called my boyfriend to chat, hadn't talked to him all day...he quickly got off the phone because he was busy playing WoW. Awesome.


Lin said...

Ha ha, my husband did the same thing to me yesterday because he was playing WoW! I only have myself to blame though. He was off of it for 2 months & then Blizzard sent him a week for free so I told him to use it...I totally shouldnt have done that.

Good luck with your cookies :)

Miss Rosa said...

Boyfriends and video games = fatal combination. I frequently lose my boyfriend's attention this way.

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