Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dental Floss blows and I don't mean the thong kind

I know Flashback Friday is tomorrow and for all my devoted readers who are anxiously awaiting another installment of the 'Family Vacation' (that would be all of you, you're all devoted to me, right? RIGHT?!) there is another one planned for tomorrow. But since I went to the dentist this week, I thought this post was fitting and still true...

Originally posted Dec 2008 on Myspace:

I went to the dentist this week. I dislike going to the dentist. Now I don't dislike the dentist because they poke and prod and scrape my teeth. I don't dislike it because my mouth is sore afterwards. Actually I don't mind the teeth cleaning at all, sometimes I even start to fall asleep as I am sitting in the chair. And of course you get presents when you go the dentist, new tooth brushes, tooth paste, and floss.

The reason I don't like the dentist is flossing. I hate flossing, it kind of grosses me out. I have short stumpy fingers and it can be hard to get to those "hard to reach places". And I really only floss when something gets stuck between my teeth.

But every time I go to the freaking dentist they ask me if I have been flossing. Have I ever been flossing regularly? In all the years I have gone there, every six months when I come in, has my answer EVER been yes?! NO! Because I hate flossing. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

Always after I answer no (I have considered just telling them yes, but they can tell once they start working on my teeth that I am lying) I then get a lecture on why flossing is so important. And that I should really make an effort to do it. And when I am older I will appreciate that I flossed when I was younger. Blah blah blah bablah. I get it already.

I am not 10. I am a grown up with my own damn health insurance and if I don't want to floss then I really don't have to. If one day, when I am 80 and my teeth rot out of my head and it is all due to the lack of flossing in my youth, then I give the dentist full permission to say, "I told you so." Until then, shut the hell up and stop lecturing me on flossing.

So, that is why I hate going to the dentist. But I do have a cool new toothbrush (and another package of floss to add to the ever growing collection in my bathroom drawer).


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I, too, HATE HATE HATE flossing. I even tried those little ones on a stick that are almost like a toothbrush. Still hate it. It makes my gums bleed. Then they swell. The dentist yells at me too. I'm like you, I think it's my mouth and if I want to neglect it, it's more money for them, so they should just SHUT UP.

Miss Rosa said...

I hate flossing too. However, lately I've been trying to floss every night. It's a big hassle.

Gabby said...

I have no shame. I don't floss. That's just that.


Elizabeth Marie said...

Flossing is annoying, but ever since I got veneers I dont have to!

The dentist gives out fun drugs...just sayin :)

Trixie Buxom said...

I hate flossing too! I always like to argue with the dentist and tell him that I have enough space between my teeth that food rarely gets stuck therefore I do not need to floss because there's nothing there! And also, while I sleep little faeries come down from heaven and eat whatever is left in my mouth and if I flossed all the time like they want me to, the faeries would die of starvation and I really don't think they want a bunch of dead faeries on their concience because it would be similar to the feeling of having killed a puppy.

They just roll their eyes and give me extra free floss.

And I may have fabricated that last part.

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