Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toilet bandit strikes again. Okay it's not really a bandit, but I liked the ring of that better than "Office Trannie is Back". I guess either works

Okay, first, this is completely unrelated to the toilet incident, but yesterday was my birthday. I had to go testify before the grand jury for work and I had never done that before. It was really interesting. AND I got a cruiser bike! I am so excited. Isn't it purdy!

All I need now is a basket and a bell.

Now back to the toilet. Remember how I mentioned someone has been leaving the toilet seat up at work in the women's bathroom? Well since then I have been trying to capture it in a photo for all of you, as any die hard blogger would do. Without further ado I present the toilet mystery:

What the hell?! I just don't get it. It was mentioned that perhaps someone is vomiting in the toilet, but wouldn't they want to get rid of any evidence indicating that they were purging? Therefore putting the seat down? Also, there is the toilet seat tissue paper thingy in the toilet too. Or if they are wiping the seat down because water splashes up after flushing (it can be a pretty powerful whoosh), then why isn't there just a little wad of toilet paper in there instead of the toilet paper and seat cover.

We know who is doing it, we just don't know why. I am also pretty sure she is not a trannie (but with the work done these days it can be hard to tell). She is married, I know it doesn't mean she wasn't a dude at some point, but she has told me that her and her husband are trying to get pregnant...pretty sure going boy to girl does not enable a person to get knocked up. I mean there is that one guy over in Bend who went from girl to boy and is pregnant for the second time, but he was born with the right girl parts for that. And besides, he lives in Bend Oregon and I am in Western Oregon.

I am thinking of posting this picture on the door to the bathroom with a note that either says, "Why are you leaving the seat up? We don't want to fall in and we are wicked curious as to why you have this strange quirk." or "WTF?! Put the seat down, this is the women's restroom. We shouldn't have to worry about falling in!"


Alicia said...

HA! I love that you took a picture of it! I can't wait to find out why!!

Al said...

ok so i always wondered about this... but i have been given 2 reasons about this... and it has resulted in some amusing signs in the toilets at school..

1. asian cultures stand on the toilet and squat when they go to the toilet.... they sometimes do this with the seat up so there is not so much of a hole to wee in.

2. someone is squatting over the whole toilet.

but its weird. i dont know why people do it.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh so hard. That is so gross and so hilarious all at the same time. Solve the mystery!

RedCurlGirl said...

hahahahaha that's definitely cause for a wtf.

Anonymous said...

After your funny story today, I had to stop back by to tell you I left you something on my blog!

snickie said...

Oh I would TOTALLY post a picture on the door with a note "Inquiring minds want to know why?"

Blaez said...

person could be pregnant... how long has this been going on?

ps, thank you for coming by! and i'll be back!!

and ps........... HAPPY FREAKING HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DUDE! We're awesome cuz we have the same birthday!!! *squeelz*

Iva said...

No!no!NO! I love reading YOUR blog! YOU are amazing!! I rally hope you have the most amazing weekend possible! Because YOU are awesome and amazing and fabulous!! :)


Iva said...

HA! I REALLY..not rally lol

Elizabeth Marie said...

I hope you had a fab birthday, it looks like it!!

This mystery is hilarious! And I'm a lil late, but thank you for the're amazing and I think you should come hang out with me and Gabby. And Iva. yesssss!

Mommynightowl said...

lol, I totally feel that way about needing photo evidence for my blog too.

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