Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A room without books is a body without soul

I love books. I love everything about them. Their smell, the pages, the ink, the glue used in the binding. And most of all I love the story so neatly contained within those pages, waiting to take me away. If I know a movie is based off a book, I always want to read the book first.

And even though stories provide you with the basics and the foundation, each unfolding story is unique to each reader. We get to fill in the blanks with our own interpretation. While your Mr. Darcy might be similar to mine, they are still different.

My reading comes and goes. Sometimes I am a voracious reader and I fly through the books, I can hardly keep unread books in the house. It feels as though I have barely turned to the first page when I am already at the end. Other times it is more of a struggle to finish a book, it takes awhile for me to finish. I just don’t feel like reading (usually this is when life has been particularly stressful and I just want to hide under the covers from everything).

And...I have decided to join a book club. A blogger book club. I am pretty excited! And all of you are invited to join as well. And what a great opportunity to explore and experience your local library! You don’t have to buy the book, just check it out. Or maybe your local used book store has copy that is just waiting for your love.

"Don't let the name fool you- it's not for literally slow readers (although, if you are, we don't judge) and it's not as exclusive as a 'club'. this is an opportunity to take part of a movement that needs a revelation to slow down and take a few minutes in our day to disconnect, reenergize and even be a part of helping our communities and environment, via The Slow Movement."

* The first book will be Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls.

And we have 2 months to read the book. (Well technically 2 months from this past Monday 01/04). And then on March 4th we will all write a review on our blog about the book.

I am excited, it should be lots of fun and the authors I will be reading are ones that I might not normally think of.

If you want to join you should contact Carly (I discovered the book club through her blog), Diana, or Gabbi.


Lin said...

How fun! Maybe I'll join you guys sometimes soon. I love the concept of reading books you normally wouldnt pick up. Let me know how you like it :)

Anonymous said...

But I don't have a blog!

Iva said...

I love this club and I am so so very happy you are going to be a part of it!!!

ps thank you so much of your fabulous happy birthday wishes to me!! they mean so much! thank you, I really appreciate it!!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I just clicked over from SITS and I'm so glad I did. I could've written your intro about books, I feel exactly the same way about them. I just don't think I could use a kindle; I have a relationship with actual books.
And I love the book club idea and am off to email Carly right now!

Cathy said...

This was just what I needed to read today. I've been looking for a no-stress book club to join AND I just wrote down that very book on my "want to read" list. It must be fate! Off to email Carly.

PS. We need to do trivia night soon :)

msprimadonna67 said...

What a great idea!

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