Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi Friday. Want to make out?

So lets recap the awesomeness that was this first full week back at work since the holidays (is anyone else counting down the days until MLK day on the 18th? yeah me too).

I have gone to look at the calendar multiple times this past week and every time I look up to see December staring back at me...'cause I am lazy and haven't gone and actually gotten a calendar for the new year. Sweet! I need a calendar because I write down all my awesome appointments. Okay, none are really awesome.

Being that it is a new year, my insurance has changed. Less than amused. Let me just say first, I am SOOOOOOOOOO thankful for a job that provides me with health insurance. But it is frakkin inconvenient. They sent out new insurance cards the first week of Jan. Genius that I am, I lost mine. I pulled it off the paper with every intention of putting it in my wallet. Somewhere between being in my hand in the dining room and my purse on the kitchen counter it went poof and disappeared. I would have felt worse about this except, they printed the WRONG information on the cards. My new card is on its way now to my mailbox, thank you very much!

Biggest inconvenience of having new insurance...the information, oh, say THE PHARMACY has on file is no longer valid. Have I mentioned that I am asthmatic and take advair? and have an albuterol inhaler? Normally my advair copay is a whooping $15 and my albuterol is a measly $5. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH they told me I had to pay today when I went to pick up my advair? $148! Pssh, no thank you I will be back when I get my card in the mail. Good thing it wasn't an important medication to yanno help with something vital to survival like say, breathing!

Also this week I took the big leap and switched from comcast cable to satellite cable. It has me a little worried, but mostly because I have always had comcast and I know how it all works. This satellite thing is going to take a little getting used to. Plus for the same package I had I now pay $40 less a month. Booya!

I dripped super glue on my laptop keyboard yesterday. The backspace key isn't that important, right? RIGHT?! Okay, I did manage to get most of it off before everything set and stuck for life (because I have lightening quick reflexes). And the key still works.

I crate my dog when I go to work because well sometimes he likes to read when I am not around:

(I blame the jack russell, he is always trying to get Shadow into trouble)

Today when I left for work I gave him the second half of his rawhide bone. When I came home at lunch and let him out, Jackie walked around the house with the knotted end (all that remained) in his mouth. Then before I knew it he had gone back into his crate and proceeded to chew up the rest of his bone. The door was wide open, but he had no desire to come out while he had part of a bone to work on. He is a funny funny little man.

He just stole the bone that Shadow was gnawing on right out from under Shadow's paw. Shadow looks completely stunned. And to add insult to injury, Jackie farted as he ran away with the bone and I think I might die

I hope all your work weeks ended with a laugh and you all enjoy your weekend!


Lin said...

omg, I cannot wait for MLK day. I need an extra day off SO bad.

I love that your lil dog is the one reeking havoc & stealing doggy bones...not to mention farting after he does it. Hilarious!

"And so our stories go..." said...

OMG, your dog REALLY likes to read. My daughter crates her dogs too...I didn't understand this until I saw your picture.

Iva said...

OMG!! haha!! so cute though!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I want to make out with fridays too.

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