Monday, May 4, 2009

The Gremlin named Jackie

This is Jackie the Jack Russell, doesn't he look sweet and innocent

No, I did not name him. Jackie was found running around outside my work on a busy street. He was so adorable and friendly and just so full of life and it was obvious he normally wore a collar, even though he wasn't wearing one now. I put an add in the local paper and on craigslist and then a few days later I took him to the vet and they discovered he was microchipped! I was very excited because he was such a sweet little dog and I just knew someone had to be missing him.

I tried contacting the owner on his mircochip and when the number didn't work, I sent a letter to the address. Nothing. Slowly it dawned on me that someone had abandoned him and was not trying to find him.

But he had wormed his way right into my heart and I knew if no one was looking for him he had just found his new forever home (even as I type this he is snuggled between my calves).

He loves to play with Shadow and sometime poor Shadow is worn out and just wants to be left alone...Jackie only has an on or off switch and when he is on, he is a little ball of energy.

He is an excellent squirrel spotter and once he spots one he gets Shadow in on it too. They are convinced one day they will actually catch one of the squirrels and the squirrels love to taunt them mercilessly.

Jackie is a crazy Gremlin impersonator and he is convinced he is as big as a 100 lb rottweiler. He has a knack for nailing all guys in the balls as soon as they walk in the door. And he is utterly fearless. And he is also the best little snuggle bug ever. I adore him.

Here are my boys looking like they aren't up to anything and as pretty as can be.

I love Shadow too!


Miss Rosa said...

The cutest dogs ever! I miss having a pet.

Lady Jane said...

Don't ya just love the doggies!!!!! Yours are effin' adorable. Adorable I say!

Al said...

oh gosh, what a cutie!!

and lucky you, new puppy!!!

Manic Mother said...

He must have short man syndrome.

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