Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Imaginary friends are cool and all

Do you ever have conversations with yourself? In your head? And then wonder if it was all really only in your head or if you said somethings out loud?

Yeah, me too.

I often dictate emails or responses to IMs in my head before I actually write it out. I will play out whole conversations in my mind. Usually the conversations in real life don't come close to what I imagined. Now usually, all this takes place in my mind and not out loud where anyone can hear me and conclude that I am insane. But every once in awhile I wonder...

Today I was composing an email to this guy Kyle. I trying out different phrasing and what all I wanted to say. I hadn't actually sat down at the computer to type it out. I was still working out the kinks in my mind first.

While doing this I realized I had to pee.

I head into the bathroom at work go into a stall and do my thing. The whole time I am composing my email. I come out of the stall and start washing my hands and I realize that I am not alone in the bathroom. One of the other stalls is also occupied.


I start to replay everything in the last few minutes and try to determine if I said anything out loud. I am still not convinced that the whole thing only happened in my mind.

It is quite possible that my co-worker now believes I have an imaginary friend named Kyle.


Reeni♥ said...

Haha. I do this exact same thing! And get so into it that I wonder, after coming out of it, if anyone noticed!

Trixie Buxom said...

I talk to myself constantly. All. Day. Long. I'm also alone most of the day at work so when there are actually people around I tend to forget and let the rambling fly. I hate hate hate having to tell the person next to me that "No. I'm not talking to YOU."....... geez assholes.

Ella Everywhere said...

i do that too! And then sometimes when i do say something and people look at me slightly strangely, i go "uhh, did i say that already?"

Mrs. C said...

haha I've been known to do that as well! You are not alone!

Sally-Sal said...

I have that same affliction. Although, when I'm sitting somewhere listening to someone else say 'they're bored', I never am. I have that constant stream of randomness in my head.

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