Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hungry and Cranky make me fabulous to be around

Thursdays suck in the afternoon because I am so hungry I could eat an elephant. Not that I WOULD eat an elephant. I mean, they are endangered and are extrememly intelligent and recognize death and mourn their dead and bury their dead and have fascinating social networks consisting of matriarchs...

Anywasted, I am so hungry. But I refuse to eat anything after lunch because I have weigh in for Weight Watchers. And seriously, who wants to have the burrito they ate, weighing in on the scale with them? NOT ME!

Don't get me wrong, I don't starve myself. I eat breakfast and a reasonable lunch and sometimes when I am feeling super daring, I even eat my afternoon snack on Thursdays, total rebel, I know.

It's just that I am used to eating dinner around 6ish. But Weight Watchers doesn't even start until 6 and then it goes until 7 and I don't get home until 7:30. I am ravenous by then. But again, I don't want to eat right before I weigh in. I will empty my bladder and strip down to my skivvies and remove all jewelry before I step on the scale, but so help me...I will not eat right before I weigh!

Did I mention I am so hungry right now? I have been super 'good' this week too. I tracked everything I ate and stayed within my points. I don't want to mess up my weigh in.

Oh, and being hungry also has the tendency to turn me into an angry momma grizzly bear who just had her cub messed with and is looking for someone to take it out on. Just saying.


Miss Rosa said...

I totally get that. Hey I did the GI Diet for a while (which consists of totally Weight Watchers approved food). There's these snack cookies you can make from the book that help ... satisfying when your meal's gonna be late!

The Amazing Trips said...

Drink water! Lots and lots of water!! Or what about a Tiger's Milk bar - - or a handful of peanuts?? Something to just take off the edge?

My problem isn't just hunger, it's sweets. I have a totally irrational craving for sweets in the afternoon. One day last week, I ate two tablespoons full of pure sugar because there was NOTHING else sweet in the house and I felt like I was dying.

Sugar. Pure sugar. That's desperation.

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